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Core Measure Abstraction CompanyOur team has worked as a Core Measures Abstraction Company since the inception of the program. We have maintained a high degree of knowledge of these and developing guidelines; a level of expertise that was recently called upon for a court case that was heard in Washington DC.
During the case, we were called as expert witnesses. It was our testimony as a leading core measures abstraction company that helped a hospital win their case and gain full reimbursement of their APU payment*. We have also presented on CHF and CAD for the Get with the Guidelines program at the American Heart Association.
Core Measures was a program started by CMS in an attempt to ensure a universal quality of care for patients. The program has developed into a set of “measures” that hospitals are required to report on in order to receive their full APU reimbursement.
We have hundreds of satisfied clients. Direct Difference’s considerable knowledge of Core Measures has enabled us to help institutions overcome the extensive burden that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) has placed on hospitals nation-wide. We are educated in current and future legislation that will directly impact health care organizations. Our staff has an intimate knowledge of hospital procedures and culture, which makes us an excellent choice.
Direct Difference is continually monitoring the upcoming legislation that will increase the measure sets by 300% over the next three years. The new CMS Value-Based Purchasing Program (VBP) has been studied extensively by our staff and will be one of the biggest challenges that hospitals will have to face in the next few years.
As a leader core measures abstraction company, we offer You and your health care organization:
▪       Guidance for proper abstraction of core measure charts.
▪       Analysis and identification of problem areas.
▪       Education for physicians and hospital staff on core measures.
▪       Guidance for proper implementation of new protocols.
▪       Improvement in publicly reported scores.
▪       Awareness for upcoming measures.
▪       Maximize reimbursement within the Value-Based Purchasing Program.
▪       Gain positive recognition from the AHA.
▪       Guidance on becoming a certified Stroke Center.
▪       Increased scoring for HCAHPS.
▪       A round-the-clock business resource.
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