Senior Account Manager – NCDR/GWTG Data Registry Specialist – Candace Landis BSN, RN

Candace Landis BSN, RN, graduate of Sentara Norfolk General School of Professional Nursing and received Bachelor’s from Virginia Commonwealth University with over 20 years of experience in cardiac care at a tertiary care center. Experience ranges from the bedside caring for interventional and cardiac surgery patients to quality arena.  Since 2009, Candy has served as NCDR Registry Site Manager for a multi facility healthcare organization CathPCI Registry,ICD Registry, and ACTION Registry.  Candy routinely participates in multiple state-wide cardiac quality consortia where best practices are shared to improve process of care and documentation associated with registry data requirements.   She stays up to date with NCDR requirements by attending the annual NCDR conference as well as joining the monthly data manager calls.  She brings that level of knowledge, experience, and expertise to Direct Difference as an Account Manager and Direct Difference NCDR Registry expert.