We probably do not have to explain the clinical and business benefits of robust data registry abstraction. You probably already know that better data enables your practitioners and staff to be more productive and increase the effectiveness of changes in protocol and policies. Direct Difference is the one company that you can turn to that can make it happen.

Data registry abstraction give us data-based insight into specific diseases and procedural processes within our organization. When viewed in aggregate form, data opens greater opportunity for research and broader insights into correlative clinical trials and/or policy changes. Most of all, data registry abstraction can give you management clarity that you need to achieve your performance goals.

We have found that at registry abstraction can have trouble keeping up with technology. The data is often located away in IT-intensive clinical departments that operate on limited budgets. But the limitations translate into limited access for practitioners and staff who need the data to do their jobs better. As you know, with better data, care improves, efficiency expands and submission rates grow. Data registry abstraction can also lead to increased patient care and better outcomes.

Direct Difference has the IT skills and administrative insights to resolve the 'limitations' and allow health care organizations to benchmark core measures with greater accuracy and maintain the vital chain of high level of accuracy and data integrity.

Currently we monitor all ACC/NCDR registries (see list below) including GWTG (Stroke Limited/Complete/Comprehensive) and GWTG-HF.

NCDR Registries

More than 2,400 hospitals and about 1,000 outpatient participate in the NCDR registries. NCDR® (National Cardiovascular Data Registry) is a comprehensive outcomes-based quality improvement program that support cardiovascular care. The registries comprise benchmarked clinical data from more than 18 million patient records to help our clients build evidence-based rationale for informed treatment choices and lower treatment costs. NCDR includes six hospital-based registries and one outpatient registry and is operated by the American College of Cardiology (ACC). Among the NCDR registries that are now included in our abstraction services:


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