Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Direct Difference Delivered Timely, Accurate Data Abstraction in support of UCLA Ronald Reagan’s participation in the Society for Vascular Surgery Vascular Quality Initiative. UCLA received a Certificate of Achievement with a Three Star Rating! For more information about SVS/VQI, please go to www.vqi.org. Ask how we can help with your VQI data by clicking here.

Direct Difference Accurate Data Abstraction for UCLA Ronald Reagan Med Ctr Certificate of Achievement Award

Outsourcing Core Measures Data Abstraction

For Data Abstraction, Core Measures, Data Registry Abstraction, Quality Management, Training
When you outsource core measures and chart abstraction with us, it’s like getting a new department staffed with the most expert professionals you could ever hope to gather in one room. The clear advantage of course, is that you can do this without the staffing cost.

Data Registry

Direct Difference supports accurate, reliable data abstraction of clinical data registries. Our commitment is excellence.

Core Measures &
Data Abstraction

We have been abstracting and supporting core measure abstraction since its inception. We offer unparalleled expertise.

Medical Records
Research/Peer Review

Ask us about our customized processes for OPPE and FPPE reviews for Emergency, Medical, Surgical, Anesthesia Services.

Technology & Software

We’re an effective and efficient partner, with extensive affiliations and support for specialized technology and software.

Freed from the need to staff time consuming abstraction and measures, you can realign your valuable resources to help stay on top of ever changing mandates, increase the efficiency of internal services, grow the quality of patient care.

The truth about abstraction and core measures.

Hospitals are faced with the growing double burden of meeting data abstraction protocols and in finding qualified abstractors for their in-house abstraction departments. The fact is, qualified professionals in this narrow range of hospital management is very difficult. By outsourcing the data abstraction to Direct Difference, you gain access to the very specialists and professionals you need to enhance abstraction accuracy rates and increase compliance with an ever expanding universe of policies and protocols.

Our reputation for accuracy and innovation has made us stand out. Many of our hospitals have been chosen every year for validation and passed with a 96-100% CDAC score. Direct Difference has passed all CMS validations with 96%-100% accuracy.

With that double burden is removed. You can get back to doing what you need to do to increase the quality and scope of services and grow patient care.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

By outsourcing your abstraction needs with Direct Difference, you will lower your expenses compared to current costs. We will also save you the time and energy needed to keep up with ever-changing abstraction protocols (that’s our job). The math is pretty simple – but we’d like to show you how outsourcing will affect your bottom line with concurrent review, staff training and physician education.

Direct Difference will exceed any and all outsourcing expectations – we’ve been at this work since 1998. We are the most dependable Core Measure outsourcing company in the nation – no one has been on the job longer than us; no company has more experience.

Call Direct Difference and let’s answer your outsourcing needs.