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Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Direct Difference Delivered Timely, Accurate Data Abstraction in support of UCLA Ronald Reagan’s participation in the Society for Vascular Surgery Vascular Quality Initiative. UCLA received a Certificate of Achievement with a Three Star Rating! For more information about SVS/VQI, please go to www.vqi.org. Ask how we can help with your VQI data by clicking here.

Direct Difference Accurate Data Abstraction for UCLA Ronald Reagan Med Ctr Certificate of Achievement Award

Direct Difference is the DIFFERENCE

Direct Difference is the nation’s leading health care management consulting firm.  We’re also the first company to specialize in the field of data abstraction and core measure for health care.

No one has been on the job longer than us.

No company has more experience than us.

We are driven by our passion to achieve excellence, expertise, and experience. We are guided by our long-standing mission to deliver the highest performance standards. We achieve these goals by combining our vast knowledge of the industry with a personal, hands-on approach to excellence. Since 1998, we have served the hospital and health care services community with cost-efficient and productive outsourcing and consulting that consistently achieves unsurpassed results.

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A 22-year track record of excellence in data abstraction.

The highest CMS accuracy scores possible in the industry.

Lowest data abstraction and core measures costs overall.

Our track record in data abstraction and core measures speaks for itself. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive outsourced abstraction services, as well as unsurpassed knowledge of core measures and hospital administration.

Credit these achievements to our distinguished team.  Each of our abstractors must have accumulated a minimum of three years Core Measure experience. In addition, they are required to keep abreast of current guidelines via online training webinars, and must maintain 95% or higher IRR scores. Not surprisingly, our team has garnered the highest CMS accuracy scores possible.

Our unsurpassed knowledge of abstraction guidelines can have far-reaching applications. Recently, members of our staff were called upon to serve as expert witnesses in a landmark court case heard in Washington, DC.

Despite the proven excellence of our services, Direct Difference offers the lowest overall abstraction costs, primarily because we charge by the chart.  As a result, our costs often are 30% to 50% lower than those of competitors.


Staffed by the most experienced physicians, RNs, and administrators in the industry.

High performance and high demand hospital administration and health care management consulting.

Leadership and mastery of performance and productivity.

Another big difference in Direct Difference is how we are staffed. We have brought together the most diverse range of experienced physicians, RNs, administrators, and other key personnel who are unsurpassed in their expertise and knowledge of health care management and operations.

Many of our executive members are highly respected for their leadership and mastery of health care administration and management. They have knowledge and expertise to implement new protocols that allow you to make hospital-wide changes; modifications that consistently benchmark significant increases in core measures scores and productivity.

Expertise also means that we take a personal interest in every step of our evolving relationship with you. As our client, you’ll see us do things like one-on-one interaction on all aspects of planning and implementation – with an assigned senior consultant who is personally responsible for seamless transitions and processes. We will also bring along a performance team that concentrates on resourcing the highest quality results attainable.

That’s how we take command of your workload – not only to relieve you of the challenge of meeting deadlines and targets, but to also give you the confidence that .  with a staff that’s already over-burdened with day-to-day tasking. Never again will they experience the fear of missing deadlines, peaks in chart volume, or staffing shortages.


Leading since 1998 in Core Measures and Data Abstraction Outsourcing.

No one has been on the job longer than us.

No company has more experience than us.

Direct Difference was founded in 1998. No one has been on the job longer than us, nor has any company more experience in healthcare consulting.

Since our inception, Direct Difference has grown a reputation as the undisputed a leader in core measures and chart abstractions. Indeed, the foundation of this success is our distinguished team of educators, abstractors, physicians, RNs, and other highly qualified personnel, all of whom have at least five years experience in quality and chart abstraction.

Part of our leadership is due to our ability to offer flexibility and customize our services. We are often called upon to deliver custom services that meets the specific needs of the hospital or other health care organization.

  • Training in accurate chart abstraction and improved clinical documentation
  • Physician and staff education on key clinical process of care measures
  • Identification and analysis of challenging areas for process improvement
  • Education of hospital staff on core measures, concurrent review abstraction, and ways to improve clinical documentation accuracy
  • Outlier improvement consulting
  • Staff assessment and gap analysis
  • Process and infrastructure assessment.


It is a pleasure to work with the Direct Difference team.  They are very professional, stayed on task and understood Core Measures and the PCI module completely.  I would recommend them anytime.

CINDY DICKERSON, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital

What impressed me most about Direct Difference is their grasp of details, which in this world of abstractions and measurements is absolutely vital. Debra and her team have an impressive range of expertise, and much of it is right at their fingertips: they don’t fumble around with research – their knowledge is top of mind, right there in full force.

DAN BROTHMAN, Masimo, Irvine, CA

Direct Difference has helped us move to a more concurrent abstraction process. We are now able to focus on processes that need improvement vs. retrospectively abstracting. We are also under validation, in which we received 100%.

ANNE DEMPSEY, Baptist Medical Center South, Montgomery AL