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Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center

Direct Difference Delivered Timely, Accurate Data Abstraction in support of UCLA Ronald Reagan’s participation in the Society for Vascular Surgery Vascular Quality Initiative. UCLA received a Certificate of Achievement with a Three Star Rating! For more information about SVS/VQI, please go to Ask how we can help with your VQI data by clicking here.

Direct Difference Accurate Data Abstraction for UCLA Ronald Reagan Med Ctr Certificate of Achievement Award

Direct Difference – Founded 1998.

The leader in abstraction, CMS core measures compliance.

A trail blazer in quality management consulting for health care organizations.

Data Registry

Direct Difference supports accurate, reliable data abstraction of clinical data registries. Our commitment is excellence.

Core Measures &
Data Abstraction

We have been abstracting and supporting core measure abstraction since its inception. We offer unparalleled expertise.

Medical Records
Research/Peer Review

Ask us about our customized processes for OPPE and FPPE reviews for Emergency, Medical, Surgical, Anesthesia Services.

Technology & Software

We’re an effective and efficient partner, with extensive affiliations and support for specialized technology and software.

We have the same goals – to achieve the highest quality possible in all aspects of our work. We’ve been working toward that goal since we opened our doors in 1998. Early in 2014, a chief investor of one of our competitors fielded a proposal to purchase our business. Why? Because we are the leader.

We’re the yardstick that other businesses have used to plan their abstraction and core measures services. We are the metric of excellence, expertise and experience in this industry. We are the critical fulltime 24/7 resource that hospitals and health organizations all over the U.S. turn to for high impact, high efficiency service.

We consistently generate the highest CMS accuracy rates. We are consulted by politicians and policy makers. We are called upon to give expert testimony in Federal court. Behind all of our excellence is one single-minded goal: to continue being excellent.

We have the executive-level experiences that will help your organization achieve greatness of your own. We will help you reduce errors, improve core measures, add efficiencies for data abstraction and grow your reputation as a leader in patient care and positive outcomes.

We have a long history of working with health care organizations applying best practices, implementing rule changes, and augmenting their deliverable quality. We address lean operations and efficient staff training. We create awareness of important changes in the industry. And we are a firm believer that patient care is foremost.

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Direct Difference is all about making a difference. We offer our philosophy of continuous quality improvement as an overlay for every client we serve. We bring experience, expertise and longevity in the field that surpasses all other service providers.

The Direct Difference is Leadership and Experience.