Expert Consultants Ensure Precision Performance Metrics

Define, Measure, Analyze, and Improve

Direct Difference consultants can define, measure, analyze, and improve your hospital’s quality performance.  At Direct Difference, our consulting teams have a shared vision, open communication, a willingness to take risks, and a commitment to approaching performance improvement with consistency. Our experts have extensive knowledge with analyzing and identifying the challenges that face health care providers.

Direct Difference consultants can help boost your quality performance.

Hiring a consulting company for the first time can be a little intimidating. This Fact sheet provides basic information that will help your organization make the best use of Direct Difference consultants.

Who are Direct Difference Consultants?

We specialize in Core Measures and the performance improvement area. We are good at solving problems and doing research or exploring alternatives.

Direct Difference uses the People Approach

Healthcare organizations choose Direct Difference consultants because of our people approach. Direct Difference consultants strongly believe in the people approach because we believe the organization and hospital community should become involved in a project that affects it in whole or in part.

You Have Decided Direct Difference Consultants Are The Best Choice For Your Healthcare Organization Now What?

  • Make initial contact
  • Request a proposal.

We outline how our consultants would meet your needs, goals and objectives. We will include costs, and projected days or hours to complete the task. If you need more details on your project, we can arrange to meet with you.

  • We will make positive changes.
  • We are open and flexible to ideas and input from the hospital community.
  • We work well with the community.
  • We outline the problem to be solved and the job that needs to be done.
  • We know what you expect and want to achieve from our consultant’s work
  • We set a schedule for carrying out and completing the work.

Our Contract

We properly write a contract that clearly states who is responsible for what and helps prevent unpleasant surprises for both you the client and we the consultant.

Our contracts include:

  • The names and responsibilities of the client and consultant (who does what)
  • Fees and payment schedules, and other costs; maximum ceiling for expenses.
  • Hard deadlines: what we are expected to deliver or produce, and when.
  • Statement of ownership of what we produce for you.
  • Chain of control and Confidentiality – who sees reports or other information we produce.

You know exactly where you stand with us; what is expected, what will transpire, and when. By the time you bring us into your organization, you know everything you need to know to have full confidence Choose Direct Difference consultants to ensure precision performance metrics.

Contact us for more information about our services.