We’ve been in the business of providing core abstraction and data abstraction services longer than anyone. That’s at least one reason we’re different – our experience. But many of our clients find that our company is unique because we pledge to make a difference everywhere we go. And you can depend on us to seek out every possible detail and every little nuance.

Accreditation Success

Comprehensive clinical assessment and preparation for surveys by the Joint Commission and CMS. We have experience in leading four facilities to successful TJC Surveys and responding to direct and indirect findings in a timely and professional manner.

Patient Safety

We make patient safety our #1 priority and center everything we do on providing the safest care possible. We create a culture of safety and a high reliability organization in facilities and can reduce your Serious Safety Event Rate (SSER).

National Quality Forum (NQF) Compliance

As an adjunct to patient safety, we also seek out areas where quality could be an issue. Utilizing nationally recognized and National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsed measures, we will analyze hospital acquired infections and complications, monitory AHRQ patient safety and quality indicators, analyze severity adjustment LOS and mortality analysis, and analysis of readmission.

Quality Care

We have increased Core Measure compliance to 100% in several facilities. We create a culture of quality that is second to none and make evidence based practice the standard of care.

Medical Staff Services

Inaccurate credentialing is one of the most frequently cited areas during surveys and one of the most frequent complaints named in lawsuits against facilities. We have experience in proper credentialing and professional peer review processes, Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) and Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE).

Claims Management

Managing your pending and incoming claims can be a nightmare. We have experience in organizing, prioritizing, and responding to litigation claims.

Patient Satisfaction

We get down to the root causes of patient dissatisfaction. We do not drop a book on your lap and talk about regulations. Rather, we focus on why the scores are low and what you can do to raise them. We create action plans and assure that staff follows through.

Occurrence Reporting & Response

We facilitate proper response to occurrence reports so that the priorities are accentuated and addressed as quickly as possible.

Complaint & Grievance Response

CMS has strict guidelines in addressing patient complaints and grievances and it is one of the most frequent reasons for CMS surveys and one of the most cited findings for Joint Commission surveys. We can help you determine which ones are which and how to respond appropriately.