Giving You the Tools to Improve Core Measures Performance Through Training

A truly candid approach.

Direct Difference offers a truly candid, third-party approach to training. We’ll improve your Core Measures performance with tough unbiased consultation that will ultimately lead to training that will bring stronger, long-term improvements in efficiency and productivity to your organization.

Our training programs are designed to be flexible and adaptable. We are able to help you get up to speed with new developments and new competencies – as they apply to your situation. As you know, healthcare has become a fast-moving, fluid world.  That’s why, our consultants don’t get hung up on our own rigid methodologies. We’re prepared for the inevitability of change – and that ensures that are you are as well.

After the assessments and evaluations, we bring in the kind of brass-tacks comprehensive training your staff needs to improve CMS Core Measures scores:

  • Identify Roles and ResponsibilitiesDirect Difference will help you match your skilled resources best suited for the responsibilities of each role and estimate the time required based on your facility’s size and operations. Each role has a detailed, streamlined list of tasks to be completed, so staff knows exactly what needs to be done, by whom and when. And, since everything is documented, training a replacement is easy and inexpensive.
  • Revise and Approve Standard Protocol/OrdersYou probably have standard orders for AMI, Heart Failure, Pneumonia and Surgical patients. But do they include everything needed to pass all of the CMS Core Measures? Our team of physicians and nurses review your orders individually – we don’t simply send you a one-size-fits all template. Direct Difference provides recommendations for changes to your orders, with references to the CMS Core Measure and the evidence-based research to support the changes. Additionally, if your physicians have questions regarding the proposed changes, our staff is available to provide answers and further clarification.
  • Implement Core Measures ChecklistsDirect Difference has easy to use checklists for CMS Core Measures. These checklists remind staff of the CMS Core Measures as they are providing treatment and allow a reviewer to immediately see if the CMS Core Measures are met for the patient. In most cases, potential failures can be caught and corrected prior to patient discharge.
  • Train All Staff in CMS Core MeasuresEveryone providing treatment and care to patients that fall under a CMS Core Measure should be trained in the measures and know what common procedural errors can cause failure. We know how hard it is to get everyone in a room for staff training and education. We train for each core measure and explain to the staff on common procedural errors that can cause failures.
  • Core Measure performance monitoring with QAPI (Quality Assessment and Permanent Improvement)The secret to any successful QA program is reviewing progress on a regular basis. Direct Difference will help you set-up the reviews necessary to keep your CMS Core Measure performance on track. These QAPI based procedures are tracked and the process is integrated in the roles and responsibilities of your staff.  This allows you to take corrective action at the first sign of an issue, not after reporting the quarterly results to CMS.

Aim for improved core measures performance at your facility.

Even if your hospital doesn’t have the resources for full-time Quality Assurance staff or expensive software, you can improve your CMS Core Measures scores quickly and cost-effectively. Give your organization the type of robust training that focuses attention where it is needed most.
Let us show you how.

Choose Direct Difference for uncompromised results.